Life History of Rev. Dr. P.M Thomas

Rev. P. M. Thomas was born in 1930 in Punnaveli, Alleppey of Kerala. He pursued his career as a school teacher from 1947 to 1953.
In the year 1953, he resigned his teaching job in obedience to God’s call. He left his parents and six siblings who were financially struggling at that time as he stepped out in faith. Having successfully completed his theological studies he moved to North India to serve as a missionary. He went all the way to Kashmir as a pioneer and founded the ministry of Kashmir Evangelical Fellowship. 

Kashmir Evangelical Fellowship has spurred the founding of another six missionary organizations spread all over India with over 3000 missionaries. 

Rev P. M. Thomas along with several associates focused on the unreached areas of the Himalayan region including Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutan with about 290 missionaries and their motto was “Reaching the Unreached and Telling the Untold”. During this time they even started work in Myanmar.

About a dozen of his associates have now pioneered their own ministries across India. He handed over the leadership of the ministry in Kashmir to his son Dr. Santosh Thomas and moved to Gorakhpur, U.P, where the center of the Himalaya region situated, in the year 1996 and established the ministry there. Now there is totally 425 missionaries are working in 1200 mission fields and in three regional offices.

His present ministry includes training missionaries through a Missionary Training Centre, 2 Bible schools, Children ministry, charitable activities, leading evangelical teams, disciplining and mentoring younger leadership. The challenge of this vast and rugged region of the Himalayas has given him several sleepless nights. He believes that whatever he has achieved is too little and a drop in the ocean. His echo to missions is to join together and pray to the Lord of the harvest to send forth labourers into his harvest.

In this venture and vision, IMA Members rejoice to stand with Rev. P. M. Thomas and honour him for the commitment and the perseverance he showed to serve Christ as an example for all of us to follow. At this time, we also acknowledge his wife late Christy Thomas and their son Santhosh who is now director of NW region based at Udhampur with his wife Shimona and daughter Grace with her husband Johnson George who is director for NE region for their commitment to serve Christ with him.

We published his life history “The Mountains Shall Sing” written by John Lindner. Kindly pray for this ministry so that the Kingdom of God may establish in the entire north India with the Gospel.

To know more about Dr. P.M Thomas kindly read his biography >The Mountains Shall Singh